2005: Sabine Moriarty's estranged brother, Jim, uses the 7/7 attacks as an pretext to reconnect. She reluctantly agrees to meet him, hoping that in th...View Details

In the wake of the arsons, Sabine tries to derail Jim's attempt to frame Sherlock Holmes. Back in the 1970s, young Jim shows Sabine what adults do.

Sherlock and John chase down the latest murders. Sabine tells her old math friend Aidan about a remarkable new theorem. After Jim lets Sabine see wher...View Details

Sherlock takes on a case involving the apparent suicide of a celebrated interior designer, but the trail leads him back to Sabine, and Sabine back to ...View Details

Realizing it's too dangerous to continue, Sabine delivers a dire warning- along with a hint about her past. John extracts an awkward confession, and t...View Details

Sabine gives Sherlock her mobile number, forbidding him from calling her- leaving Sherlock to interpret the message. In the early 1990s, young Sabine ...View Details

Gregson reveals that Sherlock's secret source is no secret to him. Aidan brings a message to Sabine, and Sherlock winds up the Gary Elliot case - or s...View Details

Genius S1E08 Decoherence

Sabine finds her double life increasingly difficult to maintain. Gregson moves in to take over the Elliot investigation, but begins to behave strangel...View Details

The recent murders cause Sabine and Sherlock to suspect each other. Sherlock's brother Mycroft instantly sees through Sherlock's odd behaviour. Back i...View Details

Sabine participates in a unique scientific experiment, which proves astonishingly successful. John's patience with Sherlock runs out, and Jim leaves S...View Details

Sherlock, recovering from the poisoning, decides he must solve the problem of Jim once and for all. Back in the 1990s, young Sabine plays her part in ...View Details

In this prelude to next week's series finale, Jim warns Sherlock that he's playing with fire. Back at Oxford in the 1990's, Sabine is exasperated when...View Details

In the Series One finale, Sabine and John follow Sherlock's trail to Reichenbach Falls, while in the 1990s, young Sabine's wedding preparations are br...View Details

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